Association: - Formality, - professional identity. Question: - For which strength or ability would like I to be recognised? Psychologically: To every state his national costume. He is valid as a symbol for the conventional, for the conservative male appearance - also in the dream. For the purposes of C. G. Jungs: the 'Persona' - the shown to the outside I. The symbolism of the suit is directed after how elegant he is and which colour he has. Popular: (European ones).: own or shop: Wealth and fame, to new ones see: you have new plans, to old ones: endure with your current employment, change, cover: own secrets are uncovered, carry a black one: forthcoming illness, other people in black suits see: Disappointment. (ind).: remains with your plan and does not begin too much, black: sudden message will please you, blue: you can hope for friends, grey: is not too open, old: you will have luck in your enterprises, tore, - your own strength will lead you. (See also clothes)