Psychologically: Counterfeit money can point to a deception or a disappointment, - either one himself becomes the victim, or one wants to add himself other something bad. This symbol for falseness and adjustment can also be a tip to the fact that one is absolutely different from calculation than one is real. One is the proverbial 'wrong fifties'. Counterfeit money dreams send a reminder to the course correction in the matter of behaviour & life style. Popular: (arab).: see: one has judged a state of affairs beforehand absolutely properly and now can be of use from it his move. receive: you are disappointed badly, are economical: you most sluggishly you with bad thoughts, and should think over in addition also your plans once again. (European ones).: see: Counterfeit money, wrong gold, wrong product: one will been disappointing, - also: with a rough and unworthy person have quarrel, handle with it: by somebody are asked of help which will turn out then good friend.