Association: - Climax of the success, - achievement, - aims. Question: - Towards which aim do I move? What puts for me a success there? Psychologically: Is it already too long that you had your last 'summit experience'? Finally, they want to prove something again and reach - and possibly 'high @'. For it you accept the strains (and stress terms) of a precipitous way upwards - you operate very much resolutely and aim-oriented. Has turned back the symbolic statement to indicate if you stand in the dream at the foot of a mountain and the summit with the sensation that he would be already inaccessible, look: Though you would like it 'to climb up', but, nevertheless, it seems to you too laborious - to you the whole matter is not worth 'to high' and the strain, in the end. Popular: (arab).: you is not able further and has to go back. (European ones).: unexpected difficulties will appear and complicate the achievement of the aim considerably. stand on one and have a good view: a good omen, - one will achieve his aims and harvest for it a lot of recognition of the friends and friends. (See also mountain)