Psychologically: Box stands for secrecy which one should not uncover before other and symbolised generally security and permanence. Popular: (arab).: see general: one may count on a present or a pleasing event, exactly look at an empty box with open doors: one should take before theft and losses in eight, see an open one: you tell your worries a friend and get advice and help, with key see: Do not hesitate to say the only word, otherwise it is too late, - also: one would like to come with pleasure behind a secret, turn the key (close): your determination will succeed, put laundry or other things: in the next time may count on a happy event, close: unexpected costs will bring difficulties, to closed ones see: one has secrets before you, (European ones).: see or shop: if a secret registers that one will get to know, see only box without castle: one will soon receive a present or a pleasing event comes up on, see a close one: another person protects a secret, a key puts in the castle: there is the view that the secret is revealed, - one tries to fathom the secret, see a monetary small box: if the elimination from the professional life and a pleasant retirement, promises open one: stands for unforeseen prosperity and nice trips in distant countries, opener: if a disappointment brings you, - Li> warns about thieves, emptier: disappointments of all kind are not distant, - care! one loses a little bit or is robbed, small receive from somebody given: if brings a pleasant surprise. (ind).: see: you stand before a secret, in him a key is: a secret will explain itself to you, openly: your secrets are betrayed.