Association: - internal Ganzheitlichkeit, - spiritual. Question: - Which spiritual thirst is I to be satisfied ready? Psychologically: Because of his religious meaning the cup represents as a rule something inaccessible, something which one can only attain if one undertakes big efforts. He stands as a symbol in the narrow connection with the heart which contains the blood of the life like he. In the cup blood is shown with wine - wine and blood have the same meaning. It is drunk from the cup of the sufferings, - is translated: We must swallow bitter and get through painful experiences if we want to venture a new beginning. Also he contains the liquid which symbolises human feelings and needs - to which he gives 'the external form' by his state. The dream subject is: Cultivation - perhaps, also constriction - from sensations. However, a cup can also stand for an important event or a ceremony and be indicated as a sum of the psychic contents. Also the mother's lap, the female, can be symbolised by what is to be understood in particular cases as an inclination to the escape from the reality. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the cup stands in the dream for the spring of inexhaustible food, for the abundance or the holy Sangraal. Popular: (arab).: see and from it drink good: good intentions touch and lead a devout life, see one: there threatens a heavy breach of trust in which a being close person can be involved - also: a fateful turn comes, drink from it the bitter: one will have by evil suspicions still a lot of annoyance. (European ones).: points to Zeugenschaft, has a certain connection with court things, - also: stands for advantages to loads more different attain, see: one will find out bitter grief, - also: stands for a stubborn problem for whose solution one will need a lot of time and perseverance. from one drink: meant peace and joy, drop and break: one will receive bad news, break: one gets not to have influence on a friend. (ind).: for healthy: a happy future, for sick people: quick recovery. (See also mug,' vessel ',' Sangraal')