Association: - in the aim meet, - the arrow of Cupid, - painful knowledge. Question: What is it about? What hits the mark? medicine wheel: Key words: Tools, - talents, - gifts, - thoughts, - assistant. Description: The arrow, one of four additional symbols which is associated with the medicine wheel if it is used as a stone or maps set appears in the eastern quarter of a circle and symbolises the tools which are available to one to the thinking and action. The arrow represents the power of the thought and the communication. He symbolises the device which helps the hunter to the success. General meaning: Your talents, - your talents, - your ability to search this and to find what you need, - your creating, - your way of life, - aims. Association: Fast to arrow, - Cupid's dear arrows, - direction indicator. Transcendent description: A purposeful message which points out you to the path or the tools which or you should choose. In general: Arrows in the dream signal the results which cause actions of the dreaming or another person. Besides, it is about actions which can be neither cancelled, nor be revoked. Arrow symbolises dangers which go out from the behaviour more different, in particular mental injuries by aggressiveness, malice, spitefulness, envy and envy. However, arrows are also a recollection of Cupid / Cupid - myth. On whom one has to 'floors', or who has 'shot' on. The arrow can be a phallic symbol in certain connections. Psychologically: What the dreaming says about other people, this can hit or damage like an arrow. Directness can injure. In the dream on us shot arrow is the small cunning with which to us our people want to take for a ride in the everyday life, sometimes also the strength which we waste. If we ourselves shoot arrows on others, we should watch out for mindless statements. Spiritually: At the spiritual level arrows in the dream are the weapons which point to strength, energy and talent. It is a symbol for the sunray and the phallischen fertility. Popular: (arab).: in general: if a warning always explains, in the hand: you have underhand intentions, are met by one: Discord between you and your friends, - one entrusts a disingenuous person a lot too much about itself, - one should select his friends and friends more carefully and recognise possible flatterers and parasites under it, - also: you will hard be in love, close with it: you damage to yourself by haste, - you will regret your action, - also: one will be got involved unintentional in a quarrel, see flying: a danger is in the arrival, break: you are shamed and be unhappy, a broken one: if a recommendation explains to concentrate at his work more upon details. (European ones).: one has an inferiority consciousness and must answer the arrows which are shot on one, - also: there follow joy, entertainment, see one: if close evil tells in which concerns one and one has cobeen to blame indirectly, are met of it: a heavy disappointment approaches you, - a serious disaster or a heavy breakdown, - also promises: Signs of bad luck that one of unexpected side is given - a person towards friendly seems, Li> works in reality against your interests, throw or shoot: one brings on a misfortune by own guilt, - by own behaviour a good friendship could break up, or approach a separation, - also: it will succeed soon something surprising, more broken: if disappointment symbolises in the love and occupation, arrow and curve: are for big profit by the incapacity more different, - to follow to her obligations, - meet the aim: luck-like events will enter, if the shot misses: Hopes for successful progress are destroyed. (ind).: have: you lead a lonesome life, shoot with it: you will lose a beloved being. (See also curve, weapon)