Association: - More lawlessly, - refusal of social rules and obligations. Question: - Which rules do I reject? To what extent do I feel from the society restricted? In general: In the dream to see a pirate, expresses the wish for more freedom and a childish adventurousness. The dreamer experiences the everyday life as a depressing sequence of obligations and humiliations 'from above'. Psychologically: These are the adventurous erotic wishes of conquering and something rob or to be robbed. He would like to be the pirate, she longs for this. He is seldom to be covered to mental prey. Popular: (arab).: you will have a stormy love affair. (European ones).: evil plans of wrong friends, - disingenuous companions, promise be: one will lose the contact with friends and former like-minded people, Dreaming a young woman of the fact that her lover is a pirate is this a sign for his unworthiness and falseness. If it is caught by pirates, she will leave her home under wrong pretexts. (See also people,' pirates')