In general: No symbol - mostly a greedy ravenous hunger dream in the 'thin times' of a one-sided diet. (What is also valid for ice, cakes and other 'injurious pleasures' from the forbidden paradise of the sweet fatteners.) Psychologically: The a little bit wobbly mass which we take in the dream to ourselves could circumscribe the psychically points in us which demonstrates us a little bit unstably. Popular: (arab).: you gets a small compensation. (European ones).: see: possible investments will throw down only low yields, to bad ones eat: one must count on disappointments, sweeten eat: small delighted events expect to one, young women the pudding prepare, may be glad about a sensitive lover. If they marry him, nevertheless, he shows his true face - the luck will fast disappear. (ind).: see: you will become the object of the clap, hence, is careful in dealing with your people, prepare: you are liked with children.