Psychologically: Stallion stands for male power which is hard to be reined, but also comes floating and inspires. Was it wild, more untamed? Then you have huge life energy and are not to be reined ''. But if the stallion has ridden or has been trained: What always you hold 'in the fence', you would like to realise much rather - it is only one matter of time, until to you, nevertheless, 'the horses go through'. The need for a strong, emphatically male partner is often expressed in it with women. After S. Freud the stallion is valid as a symbol of sexual propelling suppression. Popular: (arab).: see or ride: endure courageously and you will succeed, - also: he warns about wrong friends whom one pulls in his house and by which to one in the future some disappointment is given, - - also: a love affair waits for you, (European ones).: for women a pure sexual symbol, - search for powerful life, men on stallions hope for fulfilment of her wishes, see: one may hope for blossoming times and a position which brings fame and honour, ride one: one will climb up on unusual ways to power and wealth, - indeed, the success will undermine the morality images and the justice sense, have great fury: the wealth one surrounds tempted to arrogance, leads to the estrangement of friends and tempts for dubious pleasure. (ind).: you will attain courage and strength. (See also horse, mare)