Popular: (arab).: hear: quick profit approaches, hineingeraten: one cheats you, shop: the luck cannot be bought, you must earn it, see going: Permanence in the love, - you get closer to your aim always, if patience has. quietly: your matter will get in faltering. You must wait. with broken wheel or wing: an unfavorable portent, - also: Death of members of the family or being close person, (European ones).: see in movement: points to a worthwhile employment, - quick profits can make, a standing still one: if means a tryst, - a matter has got in faltering, a broken one: a tryst will be disturbed, - Li> stands for problems, illness or death of a being close person, are grasped by a Mühlrad or by windmill wings: if a serious relationship tells in. (ind).: see: you will be able to increase your property, has, nevertheless, eight on your envious relatives, hear: you will been deceptive, namely from the people who sweet-talk you. (See 'mill')