In general: Pharynx asks to be more honest, or warns about a danger which one recognises only from the real living conditions. Psychologically: 'He can get his pharynx not full!' one says from greedy, calculating and (mostly materially) 'insatiable' people - and thus this body place is also to be interpreted symbolically, if the pharynx area has particular importance in a dream once. Popular: (arab).: warning before a danger. (European ones).: see an open one of a person: somebody says the truth and is frank from which one supposes that he lies to one, look: Improvement with illnesses, otherwise success, but not in business things, see a big shapeless one: points to disagreement, - there comes to Zwistigkeiten between friends, the own hurts: be put out to climatic changes, - illness can lead to losses of the health and property, open of a wild animal see: you have got involved in a dangerous enterprise, - warning before a danger, are in the mouth of a wild animal: Opponents do harm to one in shops.