Association: - Return to the earth. Question: - What am I ready to put aside? Psychologically: No panic, you certainly do not dream of the really own! May be that for you 'somebody has died' - you want to deal nothing more with him / you, break the contact completely. Sometimes one must also bury a problem 'ideally' to have the head again freely for new. The participation in a burial moves the need in the field of vision to finish a loss. Who dreams of own burial, has concluded with an essential phase of his life - maybe the dream announces a separation, however, a move, professional changes or stay abroads - does not determine your death. It can also be a tip to the fear, threaten to be overpowered, possibly by too high responsibility or by suppressed personality shares, which to burst out by force. Spiritually: Here the spiritual symbols are significant for death, loss and pain. They must not necessarily have a negative meaning. The dreaming should deal with the rebirth and the positive elements which can be contained in this symbolism. Popular: (arab).: foreign people: You will get an inheritance. members of the family: You will carry heavy grief. to itself: You should give up a bad habit which leads to the illness. one with big splendour: One will make a big present to you. a cheap one: If you act so further, you will become impoverished. (European ones).: see: Finally, old disputes or family tiff will bury. Then the amicable or informal relations will be able to prosper again anew. of a member take part with sunshine: healthy respect and happy Verehelichung in the relative's circle, - with rain: Illnesses, - bad news of absentees, - commercial burglaries, take part in general in one: if a sign can be astonishing-wise for the coming celebrations, on it shuts sadly with sad faces: disgusting circumstances announce themselves, the own: if means the end of a special worry, argue with the dead: if the constant hostility with this expresses, besides, feel sad: one should check his feeling to the dead and revalue the behaviour to this person. (See also 'burial')