In general: 'X' appears as a letter is spoken, written or plastically, Often it is interpreted as a cross or as a symbol of the stranger, uncertain, sometimes also for the purposes of the number Ten. Maybe one marks with it also something which demands attention or a decision, or crosses something what is prevented with it or extinguished. It can also mark a mistake or an object or a person to whom special attention should be given. Psychologically: If a cross seems in the dream in X form, it normally symbolises the victim or maybe also the torture. If one sees in the dream this letter, one wants to demonstrate to us in the awake life maybe X for an U, persuade so us of something which contradicts the realities. X sometimes also points to the Roman Ten. Spiritually: X in the dream stands for the person in the universe. Popular: (arab).: as a letter: One wants to cheat you. (X for an U demonstrate.) (European ones).: as a letter: one should just allow to demonstrate nobody X for an U, - you will been deceptive. as 10: One should not count profits before. (See also cross,' religious pictures ',' figures ',' Ten')