Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

A padlock in a dream represents an employee who is treated roughly and unfavorably.

A padlock made from wood in a dream represents deceit and hypocrisy. Lockingone’s door securely in a dream means managingand controlling one’s business in accordance with the divine laws.

If one’s door does not have a lock in a dream, it means that one has no control over which way his life goes, and that he cares little about its consequences.

Attempting to lock one’s door, but to no avail in a dream means one’s failure to complete an important project. Breaking a lock and entering a house in a dream represents a conqueror or benefits that will come through such a person.

A padlock in a dream also represents a bolt, a door latch, one’s son, a handicapped wife, taking shelter away from one’s enemy, a hidden treasure, or a burial ground.

A padlock in a dream also may denotes sorcery, concealing secrets, or hindrances obstructing one’s travel plans. Putting a padlock on one’s door in a dream means prosperity after suffering from poverty, or receiving honors after being humiliated.

A padlock in a dream also could represent a bastard son, or a foundling.

(Also see Close; Lock)